Animal Rights- Do Animals have the same rights as Humans

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Everyone has a right, we human begins have a right. So why shouldn't animal have their rights? Human beings are no different from other animals, with no divine or elevated nature which makes us distinct. Human beings are ethically bound not to use other animals for their own selfish purpose. If human beings are no different from other animals, then like all other animals is it our nature to kill any other animal which serves the purposes of our survival and well-being, for that is the way of all nature. Therefore, aside from economic concerns such as making sure we don't kill so quickly that we destroy a species and deprive our descendants of prey, human animals can kill members of other animal species for their usefulness to us. I guess you can say that the disagreement would be what would people eat if they couldn't eat animals. Most of the food are from animals, but not many people can eat without animal in it.

Some vegetarians do, but it is true that some vegiterens are depressed and saden a lot. And it is also not very healthy just eating vegetables; you need some meat in it. So, if I had to pick a side I guess I would go for it, because we animals have every right like people do, but we must be allowed to hunt some animals so people in our world can survive. But, I am for Animal rights because some peopel just hunt for fun, killing the animal for no reason, if they are going to do that, you can buy a video game, and shoot other animals (Hunting Deer) without creating any harm!

Lots of people would also be against animal rights because people need to survive to live and we can't just keep...