Animals Rights

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Animals should have equal rights to humans, and should not be tested for medical purposes. Animal abuse is barbaric, unethical, and useless in this world today.

Animal research and experimentation virtually has no use in this world today. Although the gorilla is extremely similar genetically to humans, animal and human conditions are all together different, and there is no way any proof can be found from testing them. Animals cannot respond as humans do. They can't directly state if something hurts or how they are feeling at the time of experimentation, which makes it unreliable and a waste of time. Furthermore, a lot of the research done to the un-consenting animals is ineffective anyway. Many experiments done on animals have been involving monkeys. Monkey's brains are visibly smaller than humans, which just proves the inaccuracy of these tests. (monkey dust-up 1) A lot of experiments have shown the same results.

In some cases, scientists retest animals to make more money when in reality it is really just extra time, money, work, and more abuse toward animals. Also since the chemical makeup of animals is sometimes different to that of a human's, sometimes the medicines tested may work on the animals, but not on the humans. Overall there is no valuable reason for causing pain to these animals. (Roleff 73-75)Another negative aspect of testing on animals is the affect it has on the public. For instance, in some circuses animals are treated extremely poorly. They are physically punished in order to simply learn how to do a trick. In circuses they use whips, metal hooks, clubs, and wooden bats to keep the animals in line. The animals are also muzzled, choked, forced to wear tight collars, electrically shocked, or have their claws and teeth removed. This being available for the public...