Animals-Sometimes That is What We Are

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Chapter 1 Prologue

She was staring at him, and she hated that she couldn't help it. He was repulsive; a slimy, pasty, swollen figure whose unkempt hair only slightly detracted from his twisted face. His eyes were sunken into their sockets, seemingly digging themselves deep inside to avoid being recognized. His nose pushed out of his face as if to try to remove itself from association with the large mouth and crooked scars that criss-crossed his cheeks. His neck stretched out, almost begging for somebody to say, ohmygod...look at that hideous face....

He seemed unabashed, cavorting amongst the crowd, shaking and kissing hands. As he moved on, those he had greeted seemed to recoil after he bid his farewells. Each new person he approached stood stoic as he said hello, and closed their eyes when he offered formalities. Yet, no one said or did anything. She wondered if they were afraid, or trying to show respect.

She knew nothing of him, except that her sister had said that he was the sweetest man she had ever met. The knowledge that she knew him was the only thing that had drawn her to his gathering this evening. Since her sister had spoken so fondly of him, he might know of the last day she was seen alive.

He sidled towards her. She felt a sudden shiver, but curiosity would not let her turn away. When he held his hand out to her, she without choice extended her own. She felt ice run up her arm when he grasped her hand; gently he placed his fat lips upon her knuckles, and the ice melted. The effect was not warmth, however; more like how the body goes numb when it has been exposed to the elements for too long. She wanted to...