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"Your up, good" he whispered into her ear as she blinked her eyes after waking up. Turning to him she watched his hair bounce softly around his lightly tanned face. Long straight and black swinging softly by his ears. He leaned in close and kissed her lips softly to wish her a good morning. "Nicole-chan" he softly crooned to her. "It is so nice to know I do not have to keep calling you Fawcett-chan all the time." She rubbed her eyes almost in disbelief. His soft Japanese accent thrilling her in every inch of her body, but she could not remember how she ended up in his bed, nor his house! Her eyes wondered down his naked check to his hips, slightly poking out of his pajama bottoms. Without thinking she reached out and took his hip in her palm. Taking in the soft touch of his skin on her hand.

Shigeru leaned in and nibbled lightly on her chin stopping with a kiss on her lower cheek. He spoke so softly she had to strain to hear. "Will you tease me so? How long must I wait for you so make me hurt every night." Nicole smiled, so that answered one question, they had not crossed any lines that they could not go back from, but she did not even know if she had anyone to cross anymore. Everything before this morning was a blur. "Shigeru...what did I tell you about why we must wait?" hoping to bait his answer. He smiled and nodded his head just slightly. "You needed to be all the way over your last love. And I am sorry for teasing I do understand." Nicole sighed and laid back on the bed. "What do you want for breakfast pretty girl?" Shigeru asked teasingly, hands wondering over her barely clad skin. The skin that was not visible had a sheer pink covering that did nothing for warmth. The room was not cold, but rather quite warm, with soft light peering through the large sliding windows. Pulling his body over hers Shigeru straddled her carefully and set his chin between her breasts and smiled up at her. Instinctively she reached for his hair and tucked it back behind his ear. "Silly Shigeru your hair is so fluffy" she said coyly hoping it did not come off funny. He just smiled "thank goodness, I thought you were acting strange there for a second, but I must be the odd one, you always say that about my hair." With one hand he reached back and pulled it all up into a makeshift pony tail. "What would you do if I hacked it all off or wore a top knot?" he said with a crooked grin. "I think I would rightly kill you. Your hair is much to pretty to be hacked or anything" playing into the sweet seemingly familiar pillow talk. "So what about the breakfast Nicole-chan?" he asked again politely with his tender accent. Her heart fluttered when he said her name even though she had no idea what relationship she had with this man. From looks she could tell he was not more than 10 years older than her, but still it was unnerving not to know how she got there. "Nicole-chan?" he repeated waiting on her answer. "I am not very hungry now Shigeru, why not a shower before breakfast?" wondering when the last time she bathed was. He nodded and started the bath water for her. She smiled and climbed from his warm sheets. His green pajama's looked even more adorable when he stood in the doorway illuminated by the sunlight. Biting her lip she walked to the bath as he started to make the bed. She slid the nightie over her head and span around to see Shigeru standing in the hallway part of the bathroom untying his pants. Her jaw dropped as did the nightie. The cloth piled up on the floor as she struggled for words. "SHIGERU!" she managed after a few seconds, but all he returned was a confused stare. "What is wrong Nicole-chan? You look like your surprised to see me, we always shower together." "Of course we do..." she stuttered before spinning back around while he disrobed. Her breath was heavy and she was not sure what to do. She barely even knew his name. Nicole tasted blood from biting her lip as Shigeru grabbed her from behind. He wrapped his arms tightly across her body and led the two of them into the shower. The hot water woke her up completely, forcing her to realize she was naked in the shower with a stranger. She turned to him with water dripping down her face. It was all she could do not to lick her lips at the sight of him. Rippled peck's with water sliding down his flawless skin. Shigeru's hair was wet and slicked back to his skull. There was this feeling in the bit of Nicole's stomach. She knew there was no resisting it because it was an urge not to be reckoned with. She slid her arms underneath his and pulled him into a hard kiss. Her tongue was trying its hardest not to be to forceful. Apparently he had no complaints because the next thing she knew he was holding her tightly in the water. His hands gently holding the back of her head fingers locked in her hair. The water went cold before they left the shower. Carefully Shigeru has swept Nicole of her feet and laid her on the rug beside the bathtub. He kissed her forehead and stared down at her with his wanting eyes. She knew what she needed to do now, softly she whispered up to him "Doozo yoroshiku(Please be good to me)" and his eyes lit up. "Nicole-chan do you mean it?" he begged. "Hai(Yes)" she responded wanting it more than even he.