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What is Sex?

Sex, to put it simply, it is when the male's penis goes into the woman's vagina. It is how humans can help the human race continue. It seems so simple, but there are so many other views and perceptions of sex.

Many people see sex as a form of pleasure, which it is, but nothing else. Other people have morals and values, and want to for it to be special, for example, when they get married. Many people think that when you make love to someone, you are giving a part of you to someone else. This is one thing that parents cannot teach their children, they have to learn about it first hand.

Peer pressure plays a major part in the influence of teens having sex. People think it is cool that they have sex and lose their virginity, and they pressure other people to do it as well, even if they don't want to.

Girls mainly have sex as a result of peer pressure, and they want to experience what is it like. Guys on the other hand, will think that they will have instant popularity.

Teens have enough to worry about. Am I popular? What should I wear? What am I going to do when I finish school? Imagine thinking about all that, plus the pressure of your peers on top of that. C'mon, just have sex one. Are you scared of it or something? You'll be cool if you do it, everyone will know who you are. Some people don't realise that everyone doesn't portray sex the same way.

A main resource teens get their impressions of sex is the media. They show it off in movies, the Internet, and even books. Sex is about values and emotions, whereas the media portrays it...