This essay is about sex and what it is today

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Sex, What is it Today?

The essay your about to ready is on the ethics of sex, from the point of views of

an adult, teenage and myself. How love, emotions,peer pressure all intertwine together to

define how sex is looked upon.

Back then when our parents were our age, sex was never mentioned or discussed. It was like the forbidden fruit; you were considered "impure" or scandalous if you ever associated with it, especially at a young age. Sex was only for those were legally committed to each other, in other words, for those who were married. Even the thought of "doing the deed" before marriage was considered a sin. To get this message impounded in the minds of those adolescence of the time, parents would warn their teens that if they were caught kissing, holding hands, or even hugging the other gender they were considered doing some kind of sexual intercourse, and for their consequences, they would become pregnant (that is if they were the girl of course).

If we heard these things today, we would definitely know that it is a lie, and that all of this talk about sex and pregnancy is bizarre and nonsense. Hey, at least it worked. Pregnancy among teens were low, and people did not think anything of sex other than that it is meant only for two people who love each other unconditionally, and who are loyal to each other in the love that they share. Nowadays, sex is misused and abused. For the most part, sex is used as drive for sexual pleasure. There is no deep consideration for sex. When having sex, most people are in situations where they find themselves having sex because everyone else is "doing it," or they are being pressured into it. Should this be...