Anna Karenina - To what extent can a novel you have studied be considered the journey of a character or characters?

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Life can be said to be liken to a journey which we all are a participant traveling from one point to another. The novel "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy follows the lives of many characters on their journey.

The "hero" of the novel Constantine Dm¨ªtrich K¨­stya L¨¦vin is the voice of Leo Tolstoy, he convey Tolstoy's views, ideas and hope for Russian society.

The novel was originally written and posted in separate installment over a length of time, thus Levin's character grows with Tolstoy. This is evident as certain events unfold in chronically order simultaneously both in the book and in Tolstoy's life.

When we first meet Levin, he is at Oblonsky's work, interrupting a meeting, inpatient and rude. "Without taking off his sheep-skin cap, was running lightly and quickly up the worn steps of the stone staircase" Unsure of kitty's feelings for him, Levin was nervous, it is obvious that he was not confident.

Unlike Oblonsky Levin is socially with drawn, shy and deeply frustrated by his shyness, he could not bring himself to say "I have come to propose to your sister-in-law"

By this stage love has consumed him, having left Moscow once before in a hurry thinking it was impossible for her to love him, Levin had the same doubts again. "Kitty seemed to him so perfect in every aspect, so transcending everything earthly, and he seemed to himself so very earthly and insignificant a creature, that the possibility of his being considered worthy of her by others or by herself was to him unimaginable" Levin thinks too much, having much time by himself, he busy his mind by imagining how the rest of the society viewed him. On Kitty's parents, he believed that they will criticize him for not having a stable occupation...