Anne Frank

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This story begins on Sunday June 14th, 1942 when Anne gets a diary for her 13th birthday and starts writing in it right away.

Since 1933 the Frank family had lived a happy life in a house in southern Amsterdam, where Anne and her sister Margot attended a Montessori school. Anne made a lot of friends and was a great student.

The family's security collapsed when in 1940, Hitler's troops conquered Holland and the freedom of the Jews disappeared. Rules on where Jews could shop, swim, and go to school were part of everyday life.

A few weeks after Anne's birthday, Margot received a notice from the Nazis to report to a labor camp. On July 5th1942, the Frank family moved into a secret hiding place across the street from Otto Frank's office called the Secret Annex.

Eventually eight people came to live in the secret annex. There was the Frank family, Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne, then there was the Van Pels, Herman, Auguste, and their son Peter, and a old dentist named Pfeffer.

There were also four other people who acted as helpers for the people in the Secret Annex, and brought them food and supplies. All these people worked for Otto Frank at his business.

Anne and her family spent two long years in the Secret Annex never being able to go outside. They were sick, starving, and mostly just very bored.

Anne's diary captured two years of hiding in the attic above the store, but it ended on August 4, 1944, when all the people living in the Annex were arrested by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps.

A few weeks later the people in the camps were moved to another camp called Auschwitz. At the doors of Auschwitz Otto Frank was separated...