Anne Frank and the diary of a young girl and the way she reacts and describes the other people in her book

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Anne Frank and Her Relationship with the Other Members of the Annexe.

By Alex Athaas

In Anne Frank: Diary Of A Young Girl the characters are only family friends and the Van Daans'. The only problem in the book is these characters were real and we only have a one sided view of what the characters were like but this essay will explain to you what Anne thought of them as she wrote the diary.

Anne Frank's older sister Margot, is sixteen years old when Anne gets her diary. Margot always quiet and eager to please adults, often fights with Anne. The parents tell Anne that Margot is a model for her. It is Margot who is first called up by the Gestapo to go into work camp. This call makes Franks to go into hiding ten days earlier than they had planned. Margot eventually gets closer to Anne as she writes.

Then Peter Van Daan messes up their relationship. Anne makes Margot out to be a loner from far away to put it in such a way and a cheery person if you get close. Anne's mom comes from a wealthy family and has spent most of her life in Germany. According to Anne her mothering skills are a disappointment to Anne, who would prefer her to be more affectionate and accepting. Mostly because she treats her children like friends and at Anne's age she needs a mother. Anne and her mother often fight and disagree which paints a bad picture of Mrs. Frank. It makes you think of what a bad mother she was. Otto Frank comes from a wealthy family and spent most of his life in Germany as well. When he made arrangements for his family to go into hiding in the building in which he...