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1 Martin Luther King was an angry young man who hated the segregated world of the American South he saw inflicted on African Americans all over the nation. In adulthood, he came to feel that anger offered no solution to the problems that he and other African Americans faced. He changed his mind to the teachings of Mohandas Gandhi who led a resistance against India through nonviolence. Martin Luther King was inspired to love his enemy as he would his neighbor. Gandhi in turn derived his thoughts from Thoreau's essay "On civil disobedience." Gandhi's beliefs helped king to harness his anger and channel it into a positive and creative force for social change. He helped the black ppl learn from the Gandhi tenets and applied it to his own faith. He directed a nonviolent boycott designed both to end an injustice and redeem his white adversaries through love.

2.The Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC), which king and other black ministers formed in 1957 helped to enlist black masses in the freedom struggle by expanding the "Miracle of Montgomery."

The Student Nonviolent coordinating Committee (SNCC) raised money on their behalf for sit-ins and so forth. The changes in SNCC is that it dropped the N (nonviolent) from its name and started to advocate Black Power with Malcolm X as its leader. They renounced King's teachings and sick of being told to love white people. It even banished white ppl from its ranks and repelled older, more conservative black organizations.

3. There were two significant accomplishments of the civil Rights movements in the mid 1960's. One of them was the Miracle of Montgomery when the blacks boycotted the segregated buses for one year and led to the end of a bus line. Also, due to its persistent protests it gained the...