Antonio's Deam Analysis for "Bless Me Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya.

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Dream One: "The Rebirth of Antonio"

In Antonio's first dream, his mind goes back to the past and he sees his own birth. There is a fight between his mother's side of the family and his father's, where they both have different plans for the young baby, and they both have different rituals that follow the birth. A fight comes about between the two sides, and it is only resolved through Ultima and her peace. This is the first time we have seen Ultima in action, and it is clear that she is an ultimate power over the people. Ultima's power is feared and unknown but it is accepted and respected, by the people. Antonio's mother even calls her "Grande", meaning "the powerful one". Antonio had seen all of the power of Ultima during his dream, but yet had not met her.

Dream Two: "Cry of the River"

Antonio's second dream is also very important.

Antonio is dreaming of his three brothers. They are all describing different parts of their father's dream and hope to travel and build. It is obvious that Antonio's brothers share the Marez blood with their father, but in his dream they also tell Antonio that he is a Luna (his mother's side of the family). Then his brothers become scared when they hear the cry of the river, and they say that it is the soul of Lupito calling to them so they ran away. However, Antonio shouts after them saying it is just the soul of the river. His brothers then call him for his help, so Antonio asks the river to grant his brothers their wish: to leave and build their castle on the hill. At the end of the dream Antonio's mother cries as she realizes that Antonia is growing older.