In any field of inquiry, the beginner is more likely than the expert to make important discoveries

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The speaker asserts the important discoveries in any field of inquiry are more likely made by the beginners, but not the experts. I strongly disagree with this view because it is an extreme one. Though I concede that some important discoveries may be attributed to the work of novices, but this situation is not a prevail phenomenon in all fields. Most of achievements people acquire are dependent on the research of experts.

Admittedly, beginners could contribute to some important discoveries because their thought might not be confined by existed thinking patterns. To research on a specific discipline, beginner is regarded as freshmen to some extent. Though the lack of experience may hinder them to acquire further progress, on the other hand, this may be an opportunity for them to think and research in ways different with mainstream methods. For example, Einstein, his distinguished Theory of Relativity was created only through he takes another way against the dominated theory constructed by Newton.

The birth of such a break came from a beginner but not experts.

However, experts have much experience which is one of the most important factors to the birth of great discoveries. As we know, a building could be constructed only after the basement is founded. Experts are people who research in a specific area of discipline, they know the previous and nowadays, theories, data and trends in this area clearly, which can help them to make progress in objects they engaged in. Newton, a famous scientist, made many great discoveries in physics. What he said about his achievement is that only he stands the shoulder of giants so he can see further. This is the best generalization why discoveries are made by experts.

Furthermore, most of research on many fields is a time-consuming and...