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Cover Letter

While write this summary & analysis paper the thing that I think was working well was that I knew what I was doing. The reason I believe this is because everything of how the essay should have been done was clearly explain during class and in the outline. I think also, because I was working in it in sections. For example for one day in class I had to do part of the essay. Then for another day I needed to do another part and like this was much easier. I was conceitedly reminded of doing it will working on it. Even though I was working in this essay while in I was in class it was a little difficult in doing it. It was difficult in the aspect that even though I knew what to do and how to do it. I didn't know how to start the essay or how to conclude it.

I always have the same problem whenever I write a paper. However, this time it was different because of the examples I saw in class. Also because the instructions were clear in the outline. The one thing that really helped me was "stealing" technique which I use in my conclusion. With that I think I was able to make a more elaborated conclusion compare to how I use to make them. I was asked to use one technique from someone else. In other words "steal" the structure or formula of their writing to use in my writing. The technique I stole was one from classmate and I applied it in my conclusion. In my conclusion I restated the problem or idea and then gave feedback about it. It was an easy technique to use and I thought if I use it, this would...