AP Art History paper on Van Gogh's Straw Hat painting.

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Art History Approach.

Vincent Van Gogh painted at least twenty-four self-portraits between March 1886 and February 1888, seven being with straw hats. Van Gogh painted his self-portraits in Paris France, and he painted this specific self-portrait in the year 1887. This painting is currently in show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York. The portrait was painted with oil-based paint on canvas; 16 x 12 1/2 in. (40.6 x 31.8 cm).

Before Van Gogh went on to the Post-Impressionistic style of art, he painted in the style of mono-chromatic art. The mono-chromatic style is a style of art using only one hue. This style used one hue with different intensities and values to create and distinguish the different parts of the picture. Van Gogh and some other painters are classified in the style of Post-Impressionism, which is basically the Impressionistic style (light and bright colors; very cheerful colors and style; developed in France) with more emotion into the painting.

Van Gogh showed emotion through his unique brushstroke pattern and impasto, a very thick, textural media of paint. He used curling rhythms of brushstroke and texture to give a sense of movement - a sense of agitation or nervousness. All of Van Gogh's works of art show some kind of movement, or nervousness that suggests depression.

Van Gogh's depressed painting style comes from his actual life. He lived his whole life poor and agitated. It was Theo who supplied Van Gogh with money, paint supplies, and the friend-like brotherly love. Van Gogh was too poor to hire models to paint, so he often painted landscapes and self portraits. Van Gogh's lover kills herself after her parents denied marriage between them. Van Gogh's whole life was filled with sadness and nothing seemed to go in his direction. Also, Van Gogh...