AP Book Report: "Macbeth", by William Shakespeare.

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1) Title: Macbeth;

2) Author and Date Written: William Shakespeare; written late 1500's or early 1600's, first performed in 1605.

3) Country of Author: England

4) Characters (major + minor)

+ Major Characters

- Macbeth - Greedy (for power), Evil. He is the King of Scotland who takes the throne from Duncan by murdering him. He sinks into a state of chaos because of his greed and guilt. His bad acts lead him to his downfall; and Macduff, in a personal battle, beheads him.

- Lady Macbeth - Forceful, Evil. She is Macbeth's wife. She is even more driven by greed and power than her husband and is the driving force behind the murder of Duncan. Like her husband, fear cause her ruin; she goes mad and kills herself.

- Malcolm - revengeful, victorious. He is King Duncan's oldest son, who is the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland.

He flees to England after his father's murder and later returns to lead a successful attack against Macbeth.

- Banquo - brave, noble. A general in Duncan's army and a close friend of Macbeth before the Macbeth's seizing of the throne. Macbeth begins to fear the good Banquo and has him murdered by hired murderers.

- Macduff - revengeful, suspicious. A general in Duncan's army. He is the one who becomes suspicious of Macbeth's part in the king's murder. Macduff flees to England to encourage Malcolm to fight against Macbeth and seize his rightful crown. After Macbeth murders Macduff's entire family, Macduff swears personal revenge against the tyrant and succeeds in beheading him during battle.

- The Three Witches - mysterious, evil. They together make the personification of evil. They told of the prophesies that Macbeth will become the King of Scotland, planting the seed of greed in his...