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The Tracker

The film also presents a critical question of which law is closest to a consensual perspective of justice: the fanatic or trackers?

It reveals an Aboriginal perspective, which allows them to define and apply their own version of deviance onto white Australia with the colonial period.

The film contains references to Positivism, Marxist criminology, Labelling theory, Republican Theory, Strain Theory, Classical Theory, New Right Criminology and Critical Criminology.

The predominant theories throughout the film however are Biological Positivism and Marxist Criminology.

The Europeans view Aboriginals as an inferior race, which would accord with Biological Positivism perspective. Biological Positivism posits that crime is not the choice of the offender. Moreover, it is a 'fault' in their biological nature, which causes them to commit crime . Positivists believe that behaviour is determined and shaped by forces, which are outside the control of the individual . Lombroso proposes that Aboriginals are born with atavism , which is defined as a biological throwback characterised by atavistic stigmata .

Atavistic stigmata is in turn characterised by re-emergence of primitive traits such as narrow forehead, protruding cheek plus jawbones and also large lips and ears . Lombroso even went so far as to suggest that dark hair and skin, which are aboriginal characteristics, are fundamental elements, which make a person criminal.

The movie from a European perspective conveys the theory that racial inferiority equates to criminality.

However the movie deviates from the positivist approach, which argues that responses to crime should be orientated towards individualised treatment . Indeterminate sentences should be imposed which take into, account the nature of the act committed and the classification of the offender .

Throughout the movie, the fanatic deals out retributive punishment to all Aboriginals, which he encounters. It should be noted that the Fanatics response...