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I can fly a kite, make a great roast beef sandwich, read an entire Patricia Cornwell paperback book in less than a day and change a diaper without flinching. These characteristics combined are what separate me from the hundreds of other students that apply to Lynchburg College, that and the fact that I am applying with only one week left before classes start. Writing this college essay seven days before the start of the spring semester at Lynchburg College is a very unusual move for me to be making; but I have come to the conclusion that this is the only place I want to be. My entire life I have never been spontaneous. All my decisions have been well thought out and planned, this decision is no different, I just went about it a little quicker, with a lot less time to spare. I began my freshman year at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Choosing Roger Williams University was a decision that I made without understanding the important issues I needed to consider in order to thrive in a college environment. Now, after experiencing college for myself, I realize that Roger Williams does not have what I am looking for. I didn't consider quality of education when I chose Roger Williams, the school had the major I wanted, communications, but when I started taking classes there the program was not as developed as I would have liked. Although I did well in all my classes, I felt that the education I would continue to receive if I stayed at Roger Williams would not be as beneficial to me as the educational oppurtunites elsewhere. Looking at Lynchburg I saw that not only was there Communications Print/Broadcast journalism major, but a Speech Communications major as well. My original...