Elements of a Scientific Paper

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As the population thrives the sciences will thrive too. In order to understand what is written and what is read, the writer and the reader should go through different steps. If an article is written scientifically then it should be a valid publication. If the article is not written scientifically then it is not worth reading. In an everyday life many articles are read, many articles are written, and many articles are published. These articles should be written in a standard way in order to be easily understood by the public. Nevertheless, reading Robert Day's article "Definition of a Scientific Paper" should be easy to understand the right scientific format and set the appropriate points on every written article. When reviewing an article we should keep in mind in mind that certain steps should be met such as; the content, the organization of the material, the validity of publication and if the appropriate wording on the field has been used precisely.

Gallagher's paper reviews a discussion about the most radical anti-religious policy in Eastern European Countries under Communism where it documented the Albanian government's religious policy during their Communist regime from 1944-1991, which outlasted all the religious practice of Islam and Christianity, public or private.

This chosen article appeared under the studies of the Albanian Atheist Country during the worst Communist regime, and it is published by the Faculty of the Religious Studies, Mcgill University in Montreal Canada.

For this article, the submitted work needs an enormously wide variety of studies, whether it is the Albanian Culture, Albanian Ethnicity, Albanian Religious Rituals, Albanian Governments Laws and Regulations, Albanian Conferences, Albanian Demographics, Albanians Religious Sects Observations and much more. So far then my article has met one criteria and the sub points of the Day's article "What is a Scientific...