How Appling Effective Communication Can Create Better Relationships

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Our daily lives are filled with all types of relationships. We are surrounded by a society requiring us to interact with individuals on a regular basis. In doing so we create relations of many levels and types. For instance our jobs require us to have business relationships, so we can interact productively with co-workers and bosses. In our personal lives we are involved with relationships including friends, family and intimate partners where our needs and desires for closeness & connection become ever more dominant. Our efforts to build and maintain these connections call for increase focus on certain skills. For instance, "Living is largely a matter of communicating, the husband kisses his wife; the customer looks at the price tag; the pupil raises his hand; the little girl smiles. They are all communicating" (Smith). The processes of communication are a crucial aspect in the building and maintaining of all relationships.

Viewing these processes we can put into perspective the idea that relationships of any type requires effort, Conflict and problems frequently are inevitable in nearly all relationships. As stated by John Gray, "Certainly the journey of creating a loving relationship can be rocky and these problems are either sources of resentment and rejection or can be opportunities for deepening intimacy and increasing love, caring, and trust" (Gray, 8). No relationship can begin or expand without effort, and although different types of relationships have different characteristics and specific needs, one definite area is common and critical in all relationships: Communication. Attention and focus on this very important form of interaction can create happier and more relaxed contact with others.


Everyone can profit from learning the steps, skills and principles of interpersonal communication. Whether in a romantic or friendship

relationship, a long-established family or a work environment, the...