Apprasial and Compensation

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Appraisal & Compensation Relationship

Patricia Bernard

HRM 424- Compensation

Barbarann Ott

April 12, 010

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Appraisal & Compensation Relationship

Many organizations in today's business world implement performance appraisal systems into their human resources management teams. The use of performance appraisals helps determine the selection of candidates for an organization's, training, compensation, and employee development benefits. This paper is intended to analyze the performance evaluation system used by Baker Hughes. An explanation between performance management and compensation within the organization will be addressed. Recommendations to improve the relationship between Baker Hughes' performance evaluation system and its total compensation system will also be discussed. An explanation of how compensation is administered jointly by human resources and managers in the organization will be analyzed. The paper will conclude with answers to the following questions. How often are pay raises given? Which employees are eligible? How frequently is formal...