The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The Arab Israeli conflict has been enduring and is clouded in issues of ethnicity, religion, territory, statehood and economics since King David. Yet despite popular opinion, it would appear the situation is increasingly intractable. This is evidenced by the slow rate of the peace process and that Israel is building a wall around its territories. The Arab Israeli Conflict is complex and there has been a long standing cycle of revenge and the issue now seems to be self perpetuating. It is internationalised and now other groups and even countries, rightfully or wrongfully, also choose to identify with the plight of the Palestinians.

The issues are also changing given the international players who now choose to involve themselves but fundamentally, a key issue is the (mis)perception of the Jews by the Palestinians, Arabs and wider Islamic community - which goes back to before Israel was even created (even before the death of Jesus on the cross)..

During WWII, over 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This led to the need of a Jewish state where Jews would not be persecuted. Palestinian land was chosen to be this new Jewish State which would be known as Israel. The conflict between them has not ceased since then because of a wide variety of reasons. The conflict is long standing and it is full of hatred and animosity.

There are too many reasons to list as the cause of the conflict. The situation is now mired in international as well as regional issues - but too few solutions. A major catalyst, however, begins with the annexation by the Commonwealth of Israel in 1948 as a Jewish state. The location for the Zionist state was originally planned to be the Middle East, in the area then known as Palestine, or in Argentina.