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Course: Writing Opinion Essay

Conductors: Mrs. Saida Irgasheva

Group: 314

Student: Aziza Alimova

Students should acquire transferable skills rather than technical ones at university

It is argued that transferable skills are of much importance than the technical skills we acquire at university. Most employers seek for interpersonal and communicative candidates; personally, I think it is true that transferable skills should be given more respect than the latter when taught at universities. Several reasons to support my view will be further discussed in the essay.

To begin with, technical skills more often come specifically through education or training. People need the knowledge or technical skills in specific areas as teaching, medical practice or legal arena. Therefore, it should be stated that technical knowledge has limited usefulness: when a person moves into another line of work this knowledge may not be applicable at all. However, the skills that are transferable may have a broader range of perspectives, as can be applied on each aspect of our life.

To add, the nature of your work dictates how important your transferable skills are in contrast to technical skills. In most instances, transferable skills dominate: the spheres where the intercommunication with people and personal is highly regarded, such as tourism, trade, public services, recruitment and others. There can be more or less enough technical skills also, but having transferable skills will enable the person stand out of the rest of the employees.

In contrast, in their article "What Do Employers Really Want? Top skills and Values Employers Seek from Job seekers", Randall. S. Hansen and Katharine Hansen indicate that the most wanted professions demand the job-seekers do a research on a job initially, and then come to the job interview. Therefore, these employers require first knowledge and then skills. They introduce three golden goods,