Art Deco Studio Concept, Basic Concept for Interior Design Ideas in a small space

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This piece is a detailed description of a "studio concept" for an interior design student. When any student begins a project they have to create an idea or feeling for the space. This is the tool for someone designing a retro or art deco interior, it is well versed in the use or elaborate and detailed words, my teacher loved it and it was just what he was looking for. I am a newyork school of interior design student, very tough school, so this should work just about anywhere! Godd Luck

Art Deco Studio Concept

In today's busy world of hustle and bustle one will often seek shelter and relief from their home. "Work" is the professional marketplace daunted with blue collars, whereas "home" becomes a soothing retreat that let's everyone breath a sigh of relief as you grace the front door. In some cases paths cross and what is usually divided, well, it may need to become one! Such is the case with my client.

My client works in special events planning in his own personal business. He has single handedly began his own business years ago, and is now flourishing, as he creates the most fabulous galas around!

What my client would like is to touch back to what first inspired him to get into special events coordination; the extraordinary parties of the art deco period, dawned through the 1930's-1940. The extravagance, the glamour, and the sophistication were all personal invites for him into this world and style of entertaining. My client has worked hard to maintain these characteristics in all of the work he produces. As my client works from home, I thought such should the case be at his apartment, after all, what better inspiration, than in your front door?

I plan to enhance the interior...