Art Museum Collection.(Final Paper)

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Art Museum Collection.

This paper will focus on six museum pieces related to world culture and the arts. These six pieces will be from the classical Greek, Roman, Islamic and early Chinese civilizations. It will also cover the different art forms such as visual, architecture, literature and music. I will give you a brief description of each piece along with the different style of art form that was used. I will also share with you a brief history of the person which the piece was done about or the author's or composer's of that piece. I will also give you a brief summary as to why I have chosen that particular piece along with cultural cross currents and trans historical connections on two of the pieces. As you explore and learn about these unique pieces of art you will realize the significance that each piece brings, carried by its own history and impact through out the world.

I will begin with the visual pieces then move on to architecture, literature and lastly music.

Hermes of Olympia.

This first piece is called Hermes of Olympia. It is a Greek sculpture; here is a link to that sculpture for viewing . "Title: "Hermes of Olympia" Class: Free-standing statue, Material: Marble, Height: 2.20 metres, Context: Discovered at Olympia in Greece, Original / Copy: Original by Praxiteles, Style: Late Classical, Date: C4th BC Period: Classical, Summery Hermes holds the infant god Dionysos in his draped arm." (Atsma, 2007).

This piece visually shows the late Greek classical art form. Hermes is standing in a pose with one leg barring all the weight. His hips and shoulders are not parallel with the rest of his body and his spine is in an S curve while Dionysos is sitting on his arm.