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Flamenco Dancing

e from Spain but rather a way of life that influences the daily activities of many individuals. The art of flamenco was intended to be an outward expression of an individuals most profound emotions an ... iduals most profound emotions and the flamenco way of life. It was never intended to be a technical art performed with stoic precision yet without duende (a passion/feeling for flamenco). The main com ...

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"The Art of Rock and Roll" by Charles T. Brown

Book Report: The Art of Rock and Roll The book "The Art of Rock and Roll" by Charles T. Brown basically propos ... r listening to music and making legitimate statements about it. It treats rockand roll as a serious art form and traces it cultural roots throughout the book. Chapter one discusses the elements ... ses the elements of rock and makes four assumptions.Assumption one states that rock is a legitimate art form. An art form is defined as acreative act that springs from the artist's experience as it re ...

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Importance of Improvisation in Music

z, one's mind should immediately spring to 'improvisation.' It is a true characteristic of the jazz art form, but it truly is a rarity when seen in a historical context.Improvisation has been an integ ... t of the past 1000 years.The following is a list of examples:a) When the single voice 'Plainsong' started to develop into the 2, 3 or 4 part'Organum' (during the mid Medieval Period 1000 - 1300) , one ...

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How to interview

How to interviewInterviewing is an art form of intricate discipline that combines preparation andspontaneity in a potent mix. Like any ... -language being only one kind of symbol. Tocommunicate successfully in the interview setting, both parties must be in a state ofreadiness, able to share a symbolic system, willing to establish a relat ... are unwilling to make that effort.Basically, listening for most of us is waiting for a chance to start talking again. Accordingto McLaughlin (1950), we all desperately want to be listened to, but wha ...

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anged the Egyptian ways" (Chronicle of the Pharaohs pg.67). He changed the religious beliefs to the art form of he's time. "Amenhoptep IV could have been themost remarkable man to sit upon Egypt's thr ... The Pharaohs, byStephen Quirke). It believes that before Amenhotep III death he took his son into partnership on thethrone in a co-regency. The reason for this believe is the artistic style in the la ...

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The Writing On The Wall (is graffiti an art form?)

"Graffiti is an art form" Or is it? There are many arguments for and against graffiti. In this essay, I will try to ... e various aspects of these arguments, giving proof along the way. My interest in graffiti is purely artistic; I feel this essay may be more biased towards graffiti as an art form, as I think it is a b ... more biased towards graffiti as an art form, as I think it is a beautiful and interesting branch of artistic talent and individualism.Is graffiti an Art Form?. There is an anonymous man, who I will re ...

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Our World In Medicine

ause it is based on knowledge gained through careful study and experimentation. Medicine is also an art form because it depends on how skillfully doctors and other medical workers apply their knowledg ... at very good wages.Human beings have been suffering from disease since they first appeared on the earth about two and one -half million years ago. Throughout most of this time, they knew little about ...

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Summary of the fine art of japanese taiko drumming and how it has influenced to western culture.

Taiko: A Blossoming ArtAs a musician I am continually searching for new instruments and sounds to experiment with. Percu ... Percussion is my forte' and for years I have been fascinated with the monstrous drums of Asia, in particular Japan's Taiko, or "fat drum". The word Taiko refers not only to the enormous barrel shaped ... ides themselves in seclusion and tradition. I believe that it is because of this mentality that the art form of Taiko has quickly become Japan's number one native musical export to spread worldwide. I ...

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While some people find reading poetry challenging, others find it inspiring and enjoyable. What to you is the 'appeal' of poetry?

Poetry is the imaginative literature art form involving language heightened by verse, imagery, rhetoric and figurative devices, to affect ... tion. Poetry, or verse, is usually rhythmic and metrical. As one of the most ancient and widespread art forms it remains so versatile it is difficult to define precisely. Throughout time, poetry has e ... an find poetry appealing. The appeal of poetry lies within the mind of the reader; it is the vital part of every human being, the expression of one's deepest emotions.Poetry has rhythm that projects e ...

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Ancient Egypt

sis: Ancient Egyptians were the basis for many western traditions. Theirinfluences are noticable in art, architecture, and religion.II. The Old KingdomA. Zoser, the first pharaoh.1. built the famed St ... rst pharaoh.1. built the famed Step Pyramid2. brought unity to EgyptB. Religion1. creation2. godsC. ArtD. Downfall of the Old KingdomIII. The Middle KingdomA. PyramidsB. Middle Kingdom religion1. Myth ...

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Maori Tattooing Practices

The Maoris of New Zealand had several art forms that were distinctive to their culture. These art forms included woodcarving, cloak weavin ... f bone into pigment, which was then tapped, on the area of skin to be tattooed, with a mallet. This art form was practiced universally among the Maoris. (Hiroa, 1949). All societies have intricacies i ... owledge of tattoo by puncture, the people of the upper world used "red ochre, white clay, and blue earth" to paint designs on their bodies (Best, 1979).The basic design for the tattoos was a combinati ...

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Identify the Codes and Conventions used by the Performers and the Audience in Commedia Dell"Arte

Commedia dell'arte is a truly popular form of theatre - of the people, by the people, for the people.Commedia dell ... form of theatre - of the people, by the people, for the people.Commedia dell'arte is definitely an art form centred on people and their world. Commedia del'Arte emerged in Tuscany around 1550, Althou ... d mime, improvised and scripted dialogue (often coarse), with tumbling and acrobatics. Commedia del'Arte performances and techniques spread throughout Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, with o ...

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Picasso's background, and life experiences.

Picasso was arguably the most influential artist of the twentieth century. He had some degree of influence in all styles of painting which wer ... all styles of painting which were used during his time, and was known and respected by almost every art enthusiast on the face of the planet. Pablo Picasso, born Pablo Ruiz Picasso, came into the worl ... ame into the world on the 25th of October 1881 in the southern Spanish town of Malaga. Pablo was an artist from early in his life - he was a child prodigy. He began his career as a classical painter. ...

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"Dover Beach" and "My Last Duchess" by Arnold.

ing. The text, page 629 and 630, tells us that the setting in "My Last Duchess" displays a valuable art form that exposes his greed and cruelty. "Dover Beach" demonstrates changeability and impermanen ... tains" and "Duke". "Duke" itself makes one think of a beautiful castle with priceless furniture and art work. The use of curtains to cover up the Duchess' picture implies that the Duke is hiding somet ...

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Graphic arts & advertising.

Graphic ArtsGraphic arts is a general term for drawing and other techniques used to reproduce words and pict ... ng, etching, lithography, and silk-screen printing. Painting was once considered one of the graphic arts, but today it is generally considered a separate art form.The graphic arts are used both commer ... enerally considered a separate art form.The graphic arts are used both commercially and in the fine arts. Commercially, they are used in advertising to prepare newspaper and magazine illustrations, po ...

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Native American Song and Dance.

ith a remarkable display of percussion pieces set up on stage, the audience patiently awaited the start of the concert. One by one the performers stepped out from behind the curtains either playing an ... With the knowledge I have of the Native American culture, it isn't surprising to me that the whole art form of their performance was closely tied with nature.As I was being seated and had noticed ...

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Discuss the evolution of musical notation throughout the Medieval period. This essay includes reference to the Medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen.

by monks in a monastery by means of chant. It was at this point, when music was becoming more of an art form than a means of entertainment, that a form of notation was deemed necessary. European compo ... was meant to be higher in pitch than another. You also could not tell what pitch the song was to start on. This meant that a more definite form of notation was required. The way this problem was solv ...

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This essay deals with licenses, privacy, email privacy, copiright and the problems about it.

e, but not so much protection that will too severely inhibit or prevent others from building on the art form. Copyright law attempts to balance the rights of the creators, users, competitors, licensee ... rs.Cyberspace LawThere really is no cyberspace law as such; only law as applied to the internet. A partial list of legal issues affecting and affected by the internet is contained below.PrivacyPersona ...

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Poetry is worthwhile for reading and writting! This was submitted the 1st of June, 2003.

Poetry is the art of literature written to take us outside the square we live in; a walk back in time. This skill ... eader's outlook on certain issues.Poetry can draw a clear picture using poetic techniques making it art in a text genre. "The Sea," by James Reeves describes the relation between a dog and the sea. In ... es, bones, bones, bones!" This creates sound into the poem, fusing reality into this easily written art form. Adding meaning to the piece of art, the poet uses poetic adjectives, "hungry" dog. This te ...

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Lying as an art form.

Lying as an art formLying, whether it is telling little white lies, or big fat porkies, is an old practice, and ... or otherwise, we find ourselves doing on a daily basis. Whether it is saying "I'm alright" to your partner when they ask how you are, to avoid getting into a discussion, or deliberately deceiving some ... ective, and convincing lie.TruthWhile the notion of truth may seem like an odd place to begin in an article about lying, I feel that it is an important step in laying the ground work for a lie. Mark T ...

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