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Graphic Arts

Graphic arts is a general term for drawing and other techniques used to reproduce words and pictures. The techniques include block printing, engraving, etching, lithography, and silk-screen printing. Painting was once considered one of the graphic arts, but today it is generally considered a separate art form.

The graphic arts are used both commercially and in the fine arts. Commercially, they are used in advertising to prepare newspaper and magazine illustrations, posters, and brochures and pamphlets. Other commercial uses include art reproduction, bookmaking, interior design and fashion design. In the fine arts, many artists have created masterpieces of engraving, etching, and other graphic arts. These artists include Albrecht Durer of Germany, Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso of Spain, and Rembrandt Van Rijn of the Netherlands.


I am currently studying Graphic Design, which uses many of the graphic art techniques in it's execution. When I graduate, I intend to go into the Advertising world, I hope to be developing dynamic concepts for 'Above the line' advertising (TV commercials, etc).

I researched Advertising to learn more about my future career.

Advertising is a message designed to promote a product, a service, or an idea. In many countries, people come into daily contact with many kinds of advertising. Printed advertisements make up a large part of newspapers and magazines. Poster advertisements appear in many buses, and in shops and other public buildings. Commercials are advertisements which interrupt TV and radio programmes. Other types of advertisements are called adverts or ads.

The purpose of most advertising is to sell products or services. Manufacturers advertise to try to persuade people to buy their products. Large business firms also use advertising to create a favourable "image" of their company. They want the company name to be known and respected for the...