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Perspective to some degree was a definitive influence in the experience of Renaissance artist. Discuss how this statement is reflected in the work of a Renaissance painter.



enaissance art was began with Gioto and raise to a climax in Michaelangelo and thereafter degenerated. The idea of Renaissance is a re birth of civilization involving a repudiation of the past, is not Victorian but dominates the Renaissance itself. What happen in this era of Renaissance? In this time art become to be more functional and also it was the beginning were peoples work more precisely. Moreover it was the beginning of perspective. A perspective was found by Brunelleschi (Florence 1377 - 1446). The word perspective comes from Latin which is perspectiva, adopted by the roman philosopher. The meaning of perspective is it is mathematical system for drawing a three-dimensional world into paper or canvas. The term of perspective may refer to any graphic method, geometrical that is concerned with conveying an impression of spatial extension into depth, whether on flat surface or with form shallower than that represented.

Perspective representation or composition results when the artist adopts a visual approach to drawing and consequently portrays perspective phenomena such as the diminution in size of objects at a distance and convergence of parallel lines in recession from eye. Perspective works through a paradox of illusion and representation. Scientific perspective, known variously as a central projection, central perspective, or picture plane or Renaissance or linear or geometrical perspective, may regarded as the scientific norm of pictorial representation. During the renaissance visual illusion become the popular as evidenced of the artistic innovations. The increasing of human of the renaissance was reflected in how artists depicted space. In the fourteenth century the painter Lorenzenti brothers and Gitto from Italy they rendering the...