Renaissance Influcence.

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Renaissance Influcence

The Renaissance left an intellectual artistic legacy that still remains important today. The Renaissance affected a variety of things including painting, architecture, literature, science and education. The influence of painting was particularly strong and it stood out. In the modern world there still could be a "Universal Man" or "Renaissance Man." Since the Renaissance, people have been inspired by the intellectual daring of such men as Petrarch and Erasmus. The word Renaissance means rebirth, the Renaissance created the rebirth for classical learning and it represented new ideas, beliefs, and learning.

During the age of the Renaissance art was greatly influenced by new ideas and artists like Leonardo da Vinci. The artistic world of the Renaissance began to develop when artists began to paint their thoughts and beliefs. The first stage of Renaissance art was Christian Worship and Imagery. Christians believed strongly in Christ and honored him with paintings, gilt copper sculptures, and marble sculptures.

Most of the art focused on Jesus and his sacrifices. Other artistic works focused on Jesus' crucifying and offerings. A major part of Renaissance church art was alter paintings which mainly pictured Jesus or the Virgin Mary helping others or nature. Religious paintings mainly flourished because people wanted to adore churches and the work of Jesus. Each piece of work that went into a church was very unique in its own way because each artist portrayed their view in a different way. For example Giovanni Bellini's "The Blood of the Redeemer" shows Jesus holding a cross after being crucified. While Jesus is holding the cross he is accepting a little child's offerings. "The Trinity with Christ Crucified" pictures a priest holding the cross on which Christ is on with two angels praying around him. Each artists view varied on the crucifying of Christ and...