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Art assignment that you feel you were the most successful at this year.

Melissa Mendoza

Ms. Khan

Art I B4

18 May 2014

Final Exam Essay

There were many art assignments that I was pretty successful at this year, but the one I thought I was the most successful at was the tile. The assignment was to be able to draw whatever you like on a 6 x 6 tile, but to be able to incorporate your name or someone else's. I think that this was my most successful art assignment because I was able to draw something that I like and was able to incorporate my name and by the time it was completely done I was proud of the outcome.

The concept of the tile was nothing complex, but nothing so simple. My view on the concept of the tile was just being able to look at life through a lens.

The medium that was used on the tile was glaze. I used different color types of glaze that would best fit the concept. What I basically drew was a background that had a view of the beach and it was meant to have a feeling of relaxation. Aside from the background, I also drew a camera in which the viewer had a view of the beach through the monitor. Having to incorporate someone's name on it, I incorporated my name and the way that I added it was that I made it look like if my name was written on the sand. What was on my mind when I drew this was that one can simply go to a place, admire it, then leave and later on forget what it was that they once saw, but if one takes a picture of this place, they can remember...