I know the secret!

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I Know the Secret!

It is a sickening sight for a magician to look out into his audience and see one of

his spectators nudging and pointing when he does his famous sleight. These people who

are so delighted that they have figured out a trick that this plodding magician has worked

on takes a little spirit and fun from everyone. They expose and make rumors of how a

certain trick or illusion is done and these people who used to watch the fabulous art with

awe are now skeptical to what the prestidigitator is doing and keep their eyes focused on

that which they shouldn't. They loose all focus on what is supposed to be happening

theoretically and concentrate on what is actually happening.

I think it is agreed by all magicians and artists alike that this shameful act that

some laypeople have taken up as their own hobby should be shared by all.

It is not fair

for certain members of an audience to be the only people that get to nudge and point

when a magician is up on stage performing his art and showing off his skills. If all

people could knew how the trick or illusion was done then they too could do it and this

would as we know it would become a much happier and mystical place. It is true that all

magicians and performers of that nature would have to take up new professions and that

most of them would become broke and most likely homeless. But it is also true that

everyone would be having the time of their lives performing those tricks for their friends

and family.

Just think about all of the conveniences that magic would bring to our fast paced

life. The next time you are at the...