Article: Native Women Abuse

Essay by mehlongmaHigh School, 12th grade May 2005

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It was surprising to me when I read that Native American women experience the highest rate of violence among any other racial group. I always thought Native people were so peaceful and calm. However I then read that most of the violence towards them are from another race. It was shocking to learn that ¾'s of Native American women have experienced some kind of sexual abuse in their lives This means that if we have gone to school with any Natives or have met any in our lives there is a high chance that they have been or will be sexually abused. It feels like there is nothing I can do. I don't even know where Natives live. However, there are people that know; such as the police. But we must stop and wonder if they really care. How can they ignore the cries for help from these women? If it were in their town they would come quickly.

They haven't been trained to deal with issues for Natives. There is alleged confusion between federal and tribal jurisdiction, so just because of this they don't feel like helping out these human beings. It is also unfair that when a woman gets beater and chooses to leave her husband the chance is very great that the child will end up with the father because of trial support. I feel this is very unfair and leaves abused mothers with little choice than to stay with their husbands. There is a great need for the change in our minds and hearts. Awareness is not enough action is the key to solving this among other problems in this world.