Article Response: "Can we set fire to water?"

Essay by Pardeepk September 2008

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I was amazed and shocked by the article “Can we really set fire to water?” In the Science section of Cosmos Magazine (September 12th , 2007) which is written by Carolyn Barry. We all know that water beats fire, but in this situation, scientists have come up with a smart way of using water, particularly sea water to ignite into a fire. The article tells us the new, unique method of using sea water and some matches to create a combustion, with the help of one thing in particular…When I first read this article I was speechless because I never thought that there was ever a way to use sea water as a source of fuel and energy. The article explains how energy from the radio waves is capable of breaking the bonds between the sea water molecules, therefore releasing hydrogen that can be ignited with a flame. Although the hydrogen is doing all the work in igniting the sea water, it is still amazing and fascinating to see sea water set on fire.

The temperature of the flame was measured at 1,650 °C! You must be thinking of what genius has created this technique, and he goes by the name of John Kanzius. After finding out that he had been diagnosed with cancer, the TV station owner had decided to use his broadcast knowledge to fry cancer cells using radio waves. After gaining more knowledge and understanding, John Kanzius decided to try the technique for desalinating water. He had found out that the blast of high frequency radio waves caused the water to give off a gas, which was hydrogen, that he was able to ignite with a match. In my opinion, I think that this is the greatest idea ever, and that John Kanzius was a...