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The Articles of Confederation were a big step for the colonies. Written in 1777, they had a very positive effect on the government and laws that were being passed. The war with Europe had been going on for some time before these Articles were finally ratified in 1781. This was mainly due to a lot of states feeling unsure during the signing process. The Articles of Confederation was established to unite the 13 States together. At the current time, the states were widely dispersed and sometimes did not have good communication with the other states. The document would limit western expansion and also set out basic principals for a new type of united government. It also would make the colonies become recognized in Europe and they got a new reputation for being strong. If this had not happened, the states might have split up and we would not be living the way we are today.

With the Articles of Confederation came expansion almost immediatley. Once more states were trying to enter the union, the colonies became more powerful and could resist Britain with a stronger hand. New Governments were being formed to unite the colonies and make for better communication to Europe and voting would have to take place for any law to be passed. The official number was 8 states out of 13 had to vote yes.

The Articles of Confederation also prevented a chaotic expansion of settlers into unknown territories. State boundaries were established and no state was allowed to expand beyond them. Congress was overseeing all the western lands and they were saving it for new states that gained more then 16,000 people. The Government split in two in order to be able to have control on both the east and west side. The North Western Ordinance...