The Artist's Condition

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The Artist's Condition

Jessica Thompson

The 21 st century has marked an evolutionary step backwards regarding ignorance towards child abuse. Society is now more aware than ever regarding this issue but little progress has been made to resolve this problem. This darkness in society has been channelled by creative geniuses such as musicians and artists. Two artists in particular have used different media to portray this common theme with the purpose to both comment on and communicate emotions. Both artists, Michal Madison and Mengru Liang, explicitly deal with the grief and sorrow involved in child abuse, while using completely different media and techniques.

Michal Madison, was born in 1984 to two abusive parents. Growing up she was sexually abused, never having a voice or innocence. This is the artist's condition; Madison paints from experience and her own thoughts. As she states, "My innocence was stolen before I could speak a word. I know that is one of the reasons art is so important to me. It doesn't need a vocabulary to help me express hidden emotions and deep feelings." (Madison, 2013). Madison started to use art as her form of catharsis; to heal and let out what she had to keep in for a very long time. It was when she left her second abusive husband, in 2003 that she decided to take this form of expression as a serious outlet. Madison pours her heart and soul out into all her water colour paintings which explore concepts of grief, sorrow and her new appreciation for life. One of her most relevant pieces, Tear Stains , (see appendix 1), is a comment on child abuse, ignorance and the pain involved.

Tear Stains is a water colour work, painted in 2013. The painting makes use of soft, hazy nature of water colours...