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"The Denial of St. Peter" by Caravaggio

The elements most abundant in this piece are that of color, light and shadow, and space. These are the primary elements most apparent, though other eleme ... t. Peter's face, as he appears to be defending himself against the accusation being made.The use of color establishes the mood and represents the figures character. Collectively, the colors used are d ... used are dark, seemingly representing mild silence or discreteness, or melancholy. This use of dark colors surrounds the three characters and incorporates the aforementioned emotions into the story be ...

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"The Blue Heron" by Theodore Roberts a paragraph regarding the colours used in the Blue Heron.

ience poetry as it was meant to. In "The Blue Heron", the poet, Theodore Roberts, uses a variety of color to engage the audience in the vivid imagery he presents. He tries to create a happy scene in t ... somber tone, with images of "grey ... embers of yesterday" and "grey feather." The toned down, dark colors have a negative effect on the feelings that the reader experiences, and that helps the poet g ...

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What is contrast in art? Why is it important?

gray against black with pure gray lying in the center of the scale. Contrast can also be in shapes, colors, patterns, or shades. In art contrast brings definition and depth to a piece of art work. Con ... s. We then drew a separate pattern within each hand different from the other hands on the paper and colored them differently creating contrast with both. Since nothing was the same, they all stood out ...

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Art Apperciation, Color and Light, Roles of color and light in artwork.

elements to create attractive, eye catching, one of a kind pieces of artwork. I feel that light and color are two of the more important factors that really bring art alive. Art comes alive in many for ... portant factors that really bring art alive. Art comes alive in many forms, shapes, sizes, and yes, colors. Color and light gives depth, style, it sets a mood, awakens your imagination and expands you ...

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Changes in photosynthetic rate with different wavelengths of light.

The rate of photosynthesis varies greatly with changes in wavelengths of light. Light's color is determined by its wavelength of light, and thus it is possible to devise an experiment to d ... ion of an experiment that calculates the amount of oxygen produced in different plants at different colors of light.The scientific experiment that can be used to calculate the rate of photosynthesis i ... thesis occurring at a faster rate. Similarly, different wavelengths of light correlate to different colors, as seen by the spectrograph illustration of light. Thus, with this information in mind, one ...

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Everything to Nothing

ses my car, I noticed nothing but the bright yellow Mitsubishi Mirage centered on the pavement. The color of this car can only be compared to the color of the sun at noon. Depressing the button to the ... after screwing my kit onto my car, I just had to get a new paint job. The kit comes in a universal color, gray, so that did not match my factory white paint job. So I decided to paint my car the colo ...

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Description of the The School of Athens by Raphael

complex painting with a fascinating composition. The subjects, building, composition and his use of color make it a compelling piece. This painting is extremely decorative and complex. With various to ... , Raphael was able to emphasize different aspects and pull the viewer into the work. Because of the colors used in the painting, and the setting, this painting seems to be of religious or educated fig ...

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The Beauty of Spring Blocks My Way by Chantelle Pelletier

Spring comes slowly and quietlyto allow Winter to withdrawslowly and quietly.The color of the mountain afternoonis tinged with nostalgia.The terrible war flowerhas left her footprin ... on and deathin white and violet.Very tenderly, the wound opens itself in the depths of my heart.Its color is the color of blood,its nature the nature of separation.The beauty of Spring blocks my way.H ...

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College essay describing my love for creating art

is black with white discs and yellow spikes. Her breasts are purple and full. Her skin is a coolly colored teal, which turn into her purple breasts, which becomes her brightly colored peach skin, whi ...

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Biology HL Practical The "capture-mark-release-recapture" technique as a means of measuring population size

Apparatus: Large plastic tray Colored beads (2 colors) Sieve 2 plastic beakers Hand shovel SandMethod: ... ll a large plastic tray about ¾ full with sand from outside.Take two jars with two different color sets of beads and allow someone from a different group than you to count the beads in one of t ... captured will be the n1 number.Mark these beads by removing them and replacing them with different color beads, then release them and remix thoroughly. Now take another scoop and count the captured b ...

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The Effects Of Color On Personality And Relationships

" Colorado Christian University When dealing with interpersonal relationships people's personalities a ... e another's. People's personalities are impacted by there surroundings. This paper will discuss how color affects people's moods and personalities. All people are affected by their surroundings. Emily ... health but their physical health as well. It is the findings of this author that subtle things like color can affect a person's personality. At times in our busy lives it is sometimes easy to overlook ...

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Art Essay on Penny Siopis

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Art Review: Judi Russell, On My Path. 2004. Mixed media (acrylic and water color) on canvas, 20" x 16"

used lines to define the contours of the girl and the path that she walking on. He uses a shift in color to help the observer to get an impression of the mass of the path by using a light color in th ... of the mass of the path by using a light color in the middle of the path and generally a different color than the back ground. The mass of the girls skirt is implied by using the same technique: the ...

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Beauty Of Th Life

e sun under them. There was a green grass with a little forest flowers that looked up under it. The color of the grass carpet was so bright and wonderful that nobody can create it using chemical color ... forest there was the second zone, which was a beautiful beach. Its gold sand gave the warm and was colorful because of the different colors of the umbrellas and bedding suits of the adults and childr ...

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Comparing Pictures

th headphones on. This picture has a pleasant mood about it. When I take the picture and invert the colors I get a picture that has a unpleasant or evil mood about it.The original picture has many soo ... I get a picture that has a unpleasant or evil mood about it.The original picture has many soothing colors that are make the picture enjoyable to look at. The inverted picture has colors in it that se ...

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displays a sense of relaxation when viewing the ad. The contrast and clash of the yellow/black/red colors blend and flow very well and seem to be soothing. Individually the colors represent something ... ts simplicity (if any) and friendliness with animals. The clashing of blue and black as the primary colors of this ad are mellow. They present a safe and friendly environment.The person shown with the ...

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Bust of Nefertiti : Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

the same capability herself. The formal elements that contributed to the intensity of the art were color, shape, and pattern. The bust features an array of colors covering the entire surface o ... The bust features an array of colors covering the entire surface of the figure. A soft, brown color is used for the face and neck of the bust. This realistic color compliments the smooth surface ...

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