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It is more then just what is in the picture that makes a picture. You have to consider many different things about it. This picture is of a person holding a CD in front of a snow covered landscape. The CD has a reflection of a little alien kid with headphones on. This picture has a pleasant mood about it. When I take the picture and invert the colors I get a picture that has a unpleasant or evil mood about it.

The original picture has many soothing colors that are make the picture enjoyable to look at. The inverted picture has colors in it that seem to toy with your vision making you think that there are objects there that aren't in the first one. The child looks more like an apparition then a reflection.

When I saw the first picture it made me consider music and how it is a backbone for me.

It is pleasant and makes me happy to listen to it. I can listen to it and loose myself in the atmosphere. Escape from the world. When I see the inverted picture it makes me feel as if the music is a prison. A dark and horrible prison in which there is no escape. The blackened ground is the land in which the music has swept and destroyed