Asian and Hispanic gangs

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In every racial, ethic and cultural, there are element of that community that makes its members very proud, shame, embarrassment, and fear. Crime is one such cultural element that continues to plague many communities. The reasons that crime happens are due to gangs' activities. This paper will mainly focus on Asian and Hispanic gangs. Hispanic and Asian gangs are very similar in the place they commute, types of crimes they generally commits in their communities, and their reasons for joining a gang. This paper will also focus on the way criminal justice system view of gangs and their involvement in reducing gangs.

Like many immigrant groups before them, many Asians struggle to adapt to a new country and new challenges of making a living. Like the Italian, Irish, and Jewish who came to the U.S. earlier this century, it is very common for many Asian immigrants to feel overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, depressed, and angry as they try to adjust to living in a new country.

Many times they don't have enough job skills or English fluency to find steady and meaningful work. They often feel this way because maybe they were respected in their native country but when they come to the United States, they feel worthless and depressed. They are often looked down on due to their job not by their character and experience. The American community may not want them in their community because Asian and Hispanic and other minority groups are "stealing" their jobs from them. They may not feel welcome and wanted by their neighbors. For that, they feel frustrated and angry. The children may also have the same feeling from their parents. Even though they are not old enough to change the way people view of them, their options is to join a gang...