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    Your essay overal was good, a lots of good information but try to use more powerful words... I always refer to when i write, a very helpful site!!
    • 07/04/2005
    • 00:11:05
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  • Interesting topic

    Very good! My father was in the war too and luckily he worked in an office so he didn\'t really experienced what happened in the field.
    • 22/02/2005
    • 23:33:37
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  • Hey, good essay!

    I am currently writing a paper on Asian and Hispanic gangs. This is very helpful on information about the Asian gangs.
    • 19/04/2004
    • 15:06:18
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  • Bingo

    This paper is very helpful... I am currently writing my final paper on white collar crime and you have some of the information that i need. Thanks, very helpful information!PT
    • 07/04/2004
    • 19:42:19
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  • Good Paper

    This is a really good paper. I had to write about D.W. Griffith career for my research paper back in high school. If only this paper were posted earlier, it could have been very helpful. Good work!!
    • 07/04/2004
    • 19:23:47
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