I was asked to write a research paper on a new technology and how it can benefit you overall.

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Computer Concepts

Technology Research Project: iPhone 4S

This paper is submitted in partial fulfillment of the Associate of Science Degree in HVAC

Applied Electronics Technology at Southern Technical College

Throughout this paper I will discuss the history of the iPhone and advantages of smartphones. I will also cover how it can help you, its applications & features, as well as the future of the phone.


I. Introduction

II. History

III. How it can help you

IV. Applications & Features

V. Conclusion

VI. Bibliography

It wasn't long ago that we were all racing to a pay phone so we could call back the person who just paged us. Technology has advanced quite a bit since then and I don't anticipate it will be slowing down anytime soon. Nokia was one of the first popular cell phone producers but today there's a huge line of competition out there. However, even with all of the competition out there, Apple seems to be on top.

"J.D. Power and Associates have just announced the results of their annual smartphone customer satisfaction survey, and like usual, Apple's iPhone has topped the list. On a 1,000-point scale, spanning criteria of performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features, Apple scored 839."(Sage, 2012) Even though I've never been a big fan of Macintosh, I would have to agree that Apple has almost perfected the cell phone. Throughout this paper I will discuss the history of the iPhone, how it can help you, the applications and features, as well as the future of the phone.

The original iPhone was released in January 2007 at a MacWorld conference. Since then, we have seen several generations of the phone. First was the iPhone 2G, then the 3G, 3Gs, 4, and now the 4S. The iPhone 4s is Apple's 5th...