Assassination of an Idea Censorship in Video Games

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To Assassinate an Idea

The elevator doors open and a man turns to you and says, "Remember, no Russian." Then you and four other men exit the elevator onto a platform of a Moscow airport. After a few steps your Russian comrades proceed to open fire upon dozens of civilians and several police officers. You and your comrades march through the defenseless airport mowing down anyone in your path, from citizens trying to drag wounded strangers from the line of fire, to heroic cops and security personnel whose pitiful 9mm handguns are no match for your fully automatic HK MG4 firing off over 750 rounds per minute. You and your team work their way outside only to find heavy resistance from Russian assault police forces. As you blast your way around buildings and under planes you make it to the basement of the last building and to the ambulance that is to be your escape vehicle.

A comrade says that what you have done will be a sign to the world. As you begin stepping into the ambulance the leader turns to you again saying, "No, this is a sign," and he shoots you through the heart. Turning back to the other terrorists he mentions the Russian authorities will be furious to find a dead American was one of the attackers.

This is the third mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, your character is an undercover agent infiltrating a terrorist organization; the leader finds out and uses your corpse to spark a war between the U.S. and Russia. The mission is actually crucial to the plot of the main story, and the developers give you the option of skipping it saying some gamers may be offended. However, Russian authorities were, to say the least, upset with the portrayal...