The Assassination of JFK

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The roar of the crowd . . . the flicker of an eight-millimeter movie camera . . .

the wave, followed by the crack of gunfire . . . the spurting of blood and brains. On

November 22 , 1963, the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy stunned

the nation like an everlasting horror film.

It started as the soon-to-be assassin , Lee Harvey Oswald , bickered with his

wife , Marina , who during the night rested her foot on his leg, then he retaliated in

such a ferocious way that somewhat scared her. When Marina woke the next

morning , her husband was nowhere to be found , and the coffeepot in the kitchen

was stone-cold. When she returned to her bedroom , she was surprised to see that

he left around $170 cash on their dresser. ( She was surprised because this was a

huge amount for their household , and it was probably most of their savings.

) She

failed to notice something else that would have alarmed her. Next to a vase that

belonged to her grandmother was his wedding ring. He had never taken it off

before then. It was November twenty-second , 1963.

Around a quarter after seven o' clock , Lee Oswald arrived at his friend's

house , the house of Buell Frazier to catch a ride to work. As he got into the car ,

he laid a long , paper-wrapped object along the back seat. When Frazier entered the

car , he asked Oswald what was in the package , and Oswald responded ' certian

rods '. ( USN & WR , p. 74 ). When they arrived at the School Book Depository ,

Oswald scurried inside , carrying the package close to his body.

Other employees noticed that Oswald...