Assessing Corporate Culture - Southwest Airlines

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Formal Statements about the Organization

"The Mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit." (Southwest, 2005). Southwest Airlines mission statement (attached) is unique because the statement focuses on the employees as the primary customer. Without the employees, the entire mission statement falls apart.

Southwest's philosophy of "Happy employees make happy customers" (Southwest, 2005) is one of the primary reasons for the airlines success. If the employees are happy, their attitudes will reflect how they feel. This reflection of happiness can be seen by the customers. It gives them a feeling of comfort and puts their minds at ease.

"We will not tolerate bad treatment of our people." (Taylor, 2005) is a very powerful values statement. This statement lets the employees know how valuable they are to the company. It also lets the customers know who is in charge and deters customers from overstepping their boundaries.

"Southwest, A symbol of freedom" is Southwest Airlines' vision statement. (Southwest, 2005). Southwest has developed is culture by giving its employees the freedom to be comfortable and speak their minds. The company delivers its vision of freedom to its customers with advertisements that suggest the customer is now free to move about the country.

Physical Workplace or Work Environment

Southwest Airlines has been successful because management realizes the value of its employees, and provides an avenue for them to let their ideas rise to the top. The physical workplace for Southwest Airlines employees varies from the cockpit to the boardroom and everything in between.

In the area of customer service Southwest Airlines has stepped outside of the box by allowing employees to wear non-traditional clothing, and use a non-scripted approach to communicating with customers. Southwest is the only...