Athenian democracy

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Athenian Democracy

This restored citizenship to those Athenian that supported him whom Isagoras had disenfranchised. Debate in the assembly became free and open; any Athenian could submit legislation, offer amendments or argue the merits of any question. They evolved the freest government the world have yet seen. Legislation was passed making the hoplite class eligible for the archonship , and in practice no one was there after prevented from serving in office based on property class. Laws were introduced and passed allowing jury members to be paid and also open the position to the poor. Circuit judges introduce a policy making swift impartial justice available even to the poorest residents in the countryside. Before the "Athenian democracy" the people had none of these rights.

This was a real important contribution to western and world civilization. Today in most of the world, people could voice their opinion and vote for whichever party they choose.

Also people don't have to worry about there assets as a prerequisite to run for office. Citizens of America can serve on jury and most of all poor people can get justice.