Atlantis Argumentative Essay

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Atlantis Argumentative Essay

There is much controversy when determining whether Thera and the Minoan civilization is the myth of Atlantis or if they were two different civilizations. There is more evidence pointing towards the myth of Atlantis actually being Thera and the Minoan civilization. The geographical make up and natural disasters were practically the same between Atlantis and The Minoan civilization, the religion of the two civilizations were amazingly alike, and both civilizations had very similar, more modern technology.

The resemblance between the physical geography and natural disasters of Atlantis, Crete and Thera are very profound. There was said to be many earthquakes on these islands. The story of Atlantis tells us that the island was sunk by a disastrous earthquake.1 Crete and Thera were also suffering these major earthquakes; the palace at Knossos in Crete is proof of the earthquakes since it was destroyed and rebuilt many times by the Minoans.2

Both of the islands were vastly mountainous. The mountains in Crete were plentiful with wildlife, and the sea offered a wide variety of fish.3 Atlantis' mountains were celebrated for their number, size and beauty.4 Since the aspects of these two areas are so related, it suggests that they may have been the same island.

There were many characteristics of the Minoan and Atlantis civilization's religion that were very similar. Both civilizations had relations with the God Poseidon. Atlantis followed his rules and had them inscribed on a pillar of orichalcum, situated at the temple of Poseidon.5 King Minos of Crete and the Minoan civilization worshiped and prayed to Poseidon.6 Bulls were sacred to these advanced civilizations. King Minos had to sacrifice the strongest bull every year to Poseidon in return for answering a prayer.7 The Kings of Atlantis gathered every fifth and sixth year alternately to...