The Atomic Bomb

Essay by TarzA+, April 2004

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BOOM! The first detonation of an atomic bomb was on July 16,1945 on Hiroshima, Japan . That was one of the reasons why I picked this topic. Another reason was that there is lots of information on the atomic bomb out there and the last reason is I wanted to know why the atomic bomb has great explosive power. The main part of an atomic bomb is of course an atom. So that is what I'm going to say first.

The Atom

Atoms are everything. It is your paper, your house, your clothes, and everything else. Atoms is the smallest thing on earth. You can fit a million atoms in about the width of a piece of paper. You can't see them with the naked eye or with the best microscope in the world. The sciencists use theories and tests to know that they are there. Atoms are made up of three things; electrons, proton(s),and neutrons.

If you combined proton(s) and neutrons you get the nucleus of the atom. Then the nucleus is surrounded by a shell. That shell is made by an electron(s) spinning around the nucleus so fast it makes that shell. Each shell can only hold a certain amount of electrons, this graph will show you that. *

The proton is positivtly charged while neutrons have no charge. The proton attracts the electron. This pull causes the whirling of electrons which creates the shell.Most of an atom is empty space( the empty space is between the nucleus and the electrons). Neutrons are just slightly larger than protons. An electron is small. It's about 1/1836 of a proton or a neutron.In every atom there is always the same number of protons and electrons.

The Atomic Bomb

Now, what is an atom bomb? The Atomic Bomb is...