Attacking the Grey in San Diego’s Water System

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Haley Church

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June 6, 2014

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Attacking the Grey in San Diego's Water System

The three familiar words that have been drilled nationwide towards creating a more eco-friendly environment are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Since the 21st century, San Diego in particular has taken a different approach to these terms; applying them in ways that would help the depleting water supply. Primary options that have been included in a series of debates to address the water situation in San Diego are recycling water and desalination. These options have one thing in common: they are the product of and are reliant on the demand of water from the people of San Diego. Increasing temperatures due to climate change and the increase of the population in San Diego will eventually make the current water management plan obsolete if people continue to consume water at the average rate of eleven thousand gallons a month per household.

In order to level out the exponential increase in demand, direct policy changes reflecting conservational practices such as rebates and a tiered water system need to be prioritized.

Understanding prioritization among the San Diego community requires analysis of the plans to ensure that they meet three characteristics: sustainable, efficient, and safe. The goal with finding the best possible water resource for San Diego is to look carefully at each of these characteristics and then look at which source of providing water exemplifies sustainability, efficiency, and safety in the strongest way; and from there on prioritize that option over the others. Conservation, soon shown, proves to excel at all three where the other two have lacked. Therefore, the reason that it will be so important for conservation to be pursued more aggressively than it is now is because neglecting one of these three characteristics...