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Team OB 1s



Assessment Item 2: Case Study Review



Executive Summary

Case Overview

Advert, a medium-sized Marketing firm with declining revenues and recent poor ad campaigns, created a self-managed team to work on an extremely important commercial for the launch of a client's new product. Employees from the same hierarchy, picked for their ability to work with others, formed the team. The case study tracked the numerous errors leading up to a disastrous presentation to the client, who chose to place their business with a competitor.



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4Team Formation �

5Team Structure �

6Team Decision Making �

7Creativity �

8Communication �





The aim of the assignment was to review the case study and identify factors that contributed to poor performance and ways that this could have been prevented.

This report contains a summary of the case and the findings of the group. The following sections of the report relate to formation, structure, decision making, creativity and communication within teams.

Team Formation

The choice of team structure in this case was surprising considering the previous underperforming campaigns, the importance of the client and falling Company revenues. Self Managed Teams (SMT's) are characterized by high cohesiveness and thus trust amongst the members. Where trust in colleagues is high this can lead to poor performance if effective monitoring is not in place (Langfred, 1998) and in this case the team was completely autonomous. A desire for high cohesiveness on the Company's behalf meant that the individuals were deliberately chosen for the team because of their similar personalities in the hope that their cohesiveness would deliver the desired end result. They were high in agreeableness and conscientiousness, meaning that they had a...