Autism Week 2

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Running Head: AUTISM WEEK 2


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JC was born 6 lbs. and 19 inches. His mother (Elizabeth) never noticed anything different in him as a baby. However, when JC turned 14 months, Elizabeth started noticing something that made suspicious. She recalls that Mia (her daughter) was talking and walking by 14 months. JC was a lot slower (Eldevik, 2006). The doctor told her not to worry, because some kids slower than others. Finally, at 18 months JC started walking, but he never played with his sister or said anything. He didn't like to be hugged or kissed. He would only play with his favorite animal puzzle and matchbox cars. Sometimes he would run non stop around the dinning table looking at chairs from different angles. At age two JC was still non verbal. After two years of one sided conversations, Elizabeth and John decided to seek help.

She went to a developmental physician, who ran a few screening tests on JC.


JC was two years old when he was labeled autistic. I know, from working with him that he is not one of the highest functioning autistic children but (Volkmar, 2007), he is not the lowest either. I had a rather difficult time in the beginning, but over the two years he has shown drastic progress. He understands when spoken to and responds back with an appropriate answer.

Children with autism do not show significant violations of sensorimotor classification from children at this level require a minimum number of abstract thought (Zager, 2005).

Studies show that the particular operation phase differences between cognitive development of children with autism and others occur (Mash & Barkley, 2009).

Elizabeth and John's initial reaction upon receiving this diagnosis was shock,