The Awakening

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First of all I moved to a town called Kiowa Colorado three years ago. I remember my first day and night there. Kiowa had only two gas stations, a bank, and a bar. It is such a small town that is might only have 50 people in it. Kiowa is past Elizabeth and that would be where the closest grocery store would be. The first night I was there was very exciting. I walked outside when I first approached the dead silence of the night I was awakened by the vast silence.

I was relocated to Kiowa by force, I once was a single man working full time for a company called Foxworth Galbriath this being a lumber company. I had it good. At Foxworth I was in a position of power which followed with excellent pay plus benefits'. My ex-wife went crazy and all hell broke lose my children were sent to me to live.

Well this is were it gets fun I have never been a father or known how to care for my children also with the tragedy that happened to them made things extra hard. Well I was forced out of my house, it was to small for my self and my kids so I began to brain storm about what to do not to mention I needed a place where my kids could regain there lives all over. So I was sent to Elizabeth by my mother. Social Services sent me to Kiowa to a place called C.A.N. a thrift store.

When I first came to Kiowa the town was like being in a horror fleck. You know the one where everything looks run down, old, and full of nothing but trees. The old men were sitting by the store fronts on park benches, face's...