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Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon was a great play. I saw it at the TCC Southeast Campus where they performed a matinee. Coming into it, I thought it would be like the high school plays, mostly cheesy and lousy acting, as they weren't professionals. Least to say, I wasn't expecting much, which I must say was the best thing I could have hoped for. Personally, if I had come into any play hoping it would blow me off my seat, and it just sucked, then it would have been a complete downfall for me. But if you come into the play not expecting a thing, you're hope can only rise. As the curtains fell, and the lights dimmed, I pushed everything out of my head to focus on this play. As I followed the actors' witty remarks and funny puns, I realized I had seen this type of theatre before, as it reminded me of the show 'I Love Lucy.'

An odd but cute couple raising hell between them only to rejoin in the end, while conflicts rose everywhere, this was a classic performance of comedy wit. Overall, I thought this play to be enchanting, delightful and funny.

The first thing I criticized was the set as I came to sit in my seat. The house lights were on, so I could see the entire scene. The setting was apparently an 'apartment' which was in dire need of fixing up. Kitchen appliances such as the sink and refrigerator were dingy and off-white. The color of the paint on the walls was a ghastly shade of puke green, giving it off as repulsive. There was a skylight, which had an enormous and obvious hole in it, while the radiator didn't work also. After looking through the scene, it dawned...